Have you got questions?

We aim to answer them here or at least try to


Contactelle is down, what do I do?

If you ever encounter errors on Contactelle or cannot access your account. Please send a text to 07824336775 or email account@contactelle.com and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

Is there a mobile app for Contactelle?

No, but we are looking at developing one soon. You can register your interest using the contact us form on the right and we will let you know once it’s developed.


I can't add contacts without an email address

Email addresses are what we use to identify your contacts are unique. To add contacts without email, kindly use their first and last name with our domain e.g. firstname.lastname@contactelle.co.uk

Dependants details are not showing on my account

This is because it has been disabled under your settings. Go to “My Company” under settings, you can “Hide / Show Dependants in Contacts”

Anniversary is not showing on my account

This is because it has been disabled under your settings. Go to “My Company” under settings, you can “Hide / Show Anniversary in Contacts”

Can you help with loading my data on Contactelle?

Yes. As a matter of fact, it comes as standard for all our customers. We understand your data might not be in the shape we want but we will work with you to easily organising and load your data on Contactelle.

Contact's Country is not in Country list, what do I do?

We started off with just addresses in the UK and we continue to add countries to the list, please send us an email with your desired country and we would add it to the country list.

What does the "Disable" link do in Contacts?

The disable link is used to stop contacts from receiving emails and SMS. Although their details remain on your account. To delete, click on edit next to the contact and click on “Delete”.

Can I add a contact's DOB without the year?

Yes, although the date picker on the “Add Contact” form does not allow a date entry without the year but you can enter a dummy year e.g. “1900” if year is unknown.


Is my data safe on Contactelle?

Yes, we use SSL encryption technology provided by GeoTrust one of the world’s leading SSL provider so that all transactions on Contactelle is encrypted and cannot be seen by any malicious software on the internet.

SMS Credit

Can I auto renew my SMS credit?

Yes you can. Simply send an email to account@contactelle.com with your request and we will arrange frequency and payment plans (direct debit or monthly billing) with you.

Does my SMS credit ever expiry?

No. Once you have purchased credit with us, we keep it forever until you use it.


How do I send personalised messages?

There are 4 name tags you can use on Contactelle
Just add any of these name tags anywhere in the body of your email e.g. Dear <<FIRSTNAME>>, will show as Dear “the first name of your contact(s)”.


Are there any hidden charges or additional cost?

No, what you see on our website is exactly what is it. Visit Our Packages Page